2008 - Little Boy Out On the Town




TiNT (This is Not a Truck) - Weapons & Tools Exhibition - Bloc Artists w/ TiNT Gallery - Chicago, IL




Clothing, paint, wallpaper glue, corn starch, wood palette and shrink-wrap.

While ignoring the questions of morality posed by atomic/nuclear weapons, the powers that be have been propagating the possibility of terrorists using them in American cities. As karma would dictate, the possibility of an attack points to our own past coming back to bite us – in an equally immoral way. But the questions of morality these weapons pose don’t seem to be what disturbs many, as much as the fear of an attack does.

Living with fear might be perceived as a payback for the past, but in reality, it does not, rather, it stands in as a cheap justification used by the powers that be to further erode notions of being humane, while not being inconvenienced with the debate on morality. This piece intends to debate morality of such weapons by bringing the ghost of ‘Little Boy’* back home.

For the TiNT project I would like to propose an installation piece titled Little Boy Out On the Town. I would like to place a ½ scale model of ‘Little Boy’ (made from cardboard, old clothing articles and old furniture fabrics - please see pictures) on a palette, crudely shrink-wrap it, just enough to hold it in place and throw it on the back of the truck for it to taken all over town - please see attached pictures and sketches. The over all dimensions of the piece is 48” x 60” x 20” H.

* ‘Little Boy’ is the name of the atomic bomb that was dropped on Hiroshima in 1945.