2009 - Shadows




Fight or Flight Exhibition - XIII Pockets Productions/Heart of Gold Gallery - Chicago, IL




Clothing, paint, wallpaper glue and corn starch.

The animal instinct reactions referred to as ‘fight or flight’ are short sighted in their nature and do not intend to deliver long term solutions. Though fear is the common element in both reactions, fighting is the one that creates a cyclical feeding relation with fear. Fear acts as a compass to reactions that lead to fighting and the additional fear generated leads to further fighting making the process cyclical.

Fear acted as a compass in the decision to unleash one of the most morally controversial weapons. On August 6th, 1945 the first atomic bomb used in warfare was dropped on the city of Hiroshima. Since then, the use of an atomic/nuclear bomb on American soil has become the center piece of a discourse of fear that has lead this country into many wars fueled with further fear. The rejection of the original justification is the only means to a shift in paradigm that will end the cyclical feeding of fear and fighting.

One of the strangest discoveries at ground zero in Hiroshima were the shadow like impressions from the heat of the explosion left on building walls of ordinary people going about their daily life (see attached images). Those shadow like impressions are reminders of the horrific price paid when fear and fight feed off one another.

For the show I proposed creating an installation piece named ‘Shadows’ that is constituted of four (4) life size shadow like impressions of people, using a fabric version of papier mâché technique (using clothing articles, wall-paper glue, fabric glue, corn starch and grey paint). The images depict persons listening to an iPod, talking on a cell phone, walking with a stroller & text messaging.