2009 - Still Life (Nuked)




The Seated Story Exhibition - Galaxie Art Venue - Chicago, IL




Clothing, paint, wallpaper glue and corn starch on found chairs.

This piece intends to capture a moment that hasn’t happened, an imaginary moment where serene daily activity has been interrupted with the explosion of an atomic weapon. After having folded clothes and placed them on a ‘grandma’ chair, the person no longer exists.

Following a serene moment captured with the chair and folded laundry, comes a moment when the weapon devastates. As the devastation referenced has not really taken place in present time the setting acts a ‘ghost’ formed to speak of what might happen.

The use of the chair, the act of laundry folding and the serenity associated draws its inspiration from the Western genre of painting called ‘Still Life’. Some of the painters intended to capture peaceful moments of daily life among a rather chaotic setting.

The material that covers the chair and the folded laundry takes its inspiration from burnt and ash covered clothing. They intend to represent the ghosts of the victims of atomic weapons, ghosts that come to warn not haunt.

By capturing a moment that most people would deem serene, making it ever so similar to one’s own surrounding and layering it with an ever-present threat I intend to highlight the ethical questions concerning ownership of atomic/nuclear weapons. In simpler terms, who has the right to own and use these weapons?