2010 - A Moment in History (Nuked)




Hyde Park Hair Salon's Seated Stories - Little Black Pearl Gallery - Chicago, IL




Clothing, paint, wallpaper glue and corn starch on barber chair.

Some of the most disturbing discoveries at Hiroshima’s ground zero were the shadow-like impressions of ordinary people going about their daily life left on building walls from the heat of the explosion. Immortalized in their shadows, these people bear witness to the destructive power of one of the most morally questionable weapons ever developed.

Chicago’s Hyde Park neighborhood with all of its institutions has incubated some of the most significant events of the last 150 years, from the World’s Columbia Exhibition, to the development of the nuclear technology, to Barack Obama. By turning the birthplace of the first atomic reaction into a mirror, the morality of the weapon’s existence is again called into question.

As President Obama has expressed his desire to rid the world of these weapons I invite you to imagine what a moment in history might look like in a Hyde Park institution (Hyde Park Hair Salon) after the dust had settled from a weapon that was developed by another.