2010 - Pretty Dirty - Wicker Park




COLLABORATION with HANH PHAM - Renegade Craft Fair Chicago - Division Street - Between Paulina and Damen - Chicago, IL




Performance took place on September 12th, 2010 at The Renegade Crafts Fair in the Wicker Park Neighborhood of Chicago.

Pretty Dirty's debut from hanh pham on Vimeo.

Although Americans represent roughly 5% of the world's population, we generate 40% of its waste. Even with large scale recycling programs, further awareness needs to be raised about our waste generating habits.

To draw attention to this, we have put together a performance piece named ?Pretty Dirty.? In Pretty Dirty, a team of artists create a dress on the street, on the spot, using trash retrieved from public sidewalk trash cans (not dumpsters). The performance intends to draw attention not only to the waste generated but also to the consumption patterns of the neighborhood it is performed in.

The performance will go like this: Hanh Pham will be wearing the base of the dress and with the team go up and down the chosen street assessing the waste in the public trash cans (call it a trash audit). Then we will go from trash can to trash can taking out pieces we find interesting, processing them (cutting, bending, shaping, etc.) and adhering them to the dress (without making a mess, of course). During the performance, we will be having conversations with passers-by about waste issues, the dress-making process, and creative ideas to reduce waste.

Our vision is to do these performances in 12 Chicago neighborhoods thereby creating a collection of 12 dresses. We would display these dresses in the neighborhoods it was created in for further discussions on waste matters. The performance will be photographed and filmed for documentation and as support material.