2010 - Alex's Portrait




COLLABORATION with ALEX SCOTT 'How We Make Each Other' Project Exhibition October 9-10, 2010 The Arts Of Life Gallery 2010 W. Carroll Avenue Chicago, Il 60612 312.829.2787




Alex and I met when The Arts of Life group invited me to participate in their 'How we make each other' project. When I asked, among their members, who would be most interested in working with words, I was told that Alex would be.

Alex and I share a great interest in words. For both of us they are inspiration in our artwork. So we decided to make a 'word portrait' of each other. We met a couple of times and talked about things that are important in our lives such as places, people, memories etc. From these conversations we each picked 10 words to make a portrait of each other. We picked up two dictionaries and used them to make the portraits by physically altering them. These portraits seamlessly mix visual arts with word-base art and offer a glimpse into the wonderful conversations we had.