2011 - Temporary Spice




Sheridan Road Task Force, Temporary Public Art Committee at the Robert R. McCormick Boys and Girls Club (Uptown)




This project, the first in a proposed series, was developed by members of Uptown community and was implemented in collaboration with The Boys and Girls Club. Club students decided the design and made the work as a part of their summer arts programming.

The piece responds to a question posed in last summer’s design workshops “In A New Light: What Makes A Neighborhood Well? Participants indicated that 'diversity', 'inclusiveness' and 'getting to know each other' makes a neighborhood well. Participating community members also picked 'making connections' and 'educational opportunities' as supporting themes.

Using these themes, the workshop group formed to implement the “Temporary Spice” project by collecting the fabric material used from the community, organizing volunteers to prepare 3500 pieces of fabric and inviting volunteer staff that taught 6 weeks of summer arts program at the Boys and Girls Club. Between the workshops, donors, volunteers, 46th Ward Aldermanic staff, 48th Ward Aldermanic staff, and Boys and Girls Club staff, more than 30 people have been involved in making this project possible. As a community, we are very thankful to all of the contributors. Through this project as community members, we have been able to meet and get to know our neighbors better, get involved with many neighborhood events, make connections as well as offer educational opportunities.