2012 - Finding Home




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Finding Home: A Cabinet of Curiosity

You are the stories you tell, and the spaces these stories take place help you articulate the idea of 'home.' Home is where you belong, a reference point and a place where you come back to reflect, understand and re-tell stories. However, 'home' does not have to be a static location, it may move, shift and change; your childhood home may not be the place you can access when you become an adult; the place you called home may not look the same when you move to a new place...

My background story is a complex and tangled one. Where I am from and where my roots are have never been easy questions to answer. I was not born and raised in Chicago, my family is not from here. However, I am a Chicagoan by choice, I now consider Chicago home. But, besides Chicago, the stories that define me are embedded in many other places such as Istanbul and Paris, spiced by stories from Edinburgh, Montreal, London, Key West and many other locations. Each one of these places have shaped my story, defined me, helped me understand who I am, and understand where my home is. At the same time I am part of the story of these places, however fleeting it may be.

With this exhibition I am investigating the relationship between 'story' and 'home' through my own experiences. This curiosity cabinet, while telling my story, also offers you an opportunity to reflect on your own story. With this work I came to understand and accept that Chicago is home. Though my experiences are what can visibly be seen, your interpretation, your reflection and sharing is what enriches them.

01- Transport Paris from Eden Unluata on Vimeo.

02- Bosporus Coming from Eden Unluata on Vimeo.

03- Can Never Get To The Loop from Eden Unluata on Vimeo.