2014 - Memory Markers




I AMerican Exhibition, Curated by Sergio Gomez. The Show has travelled to Water Street Studios Gallery, Batavia, IL; White Ripple Gallery, Hammond, IN; Governors State University Galleries, University Park, IL.. The show is scheduled to be presented at Zhou B. Art Center, Chicago, IL in January, 2015.




With Memory Markers, I am investigating the relationship between 'story' and 'home' through my own experiences. It tells my story of finding home through a cross-cultural quest in a non-narrative way. Memory Markers consist of objects that are mementos, toys, found objects, boxes, random items, and tchotchkes we keep to remind us of stories, travels, moments in life. They have been painted over with blackboard paint which simultaneously blurs personal history, while maintaining the object quality, and at the same time allows the viewer to rewrite the story associated with the object, through simply imagining or by literally writing on them. These objects, while telling my story, also offers other people an opportunity to reflect on your own story. In each case, even though the appropriated content is visible, combined into a new context they generate a new meaning, tell a new story.