2016 - Not Like Them




Banner Project curated by West Chicago City Museum, West Chicago, IL.




Not Like Them

The challenge a new comer faces is two fold. On one hand they have to establish a relationship to the community they join, on the other hand they have to face an internal struggle understanding how their identity will be shaped by this new experience. As the person struggles to grow beyond these challenges, they often find them following a circular pattern in which they assess and reassess their place, their relevance, and how they fit within the community, often struggling to find the right gesture, the right word, the correct behavior.

This banner project reflects on this experience of a new comer. The sentences on the banners are not complete, leaving it to the viewer to complete them. With an online word game, which viewers can access through the QR code, the viewers are offered an insight into the circular patterns of assessment and reassessment of a new comer, while they are also given the opportunity to pick their own path through the word game. Please scan the QR code or go to http://media.textadventures.co.uk/games/hChL-JjFhUSK35-TXsF1pw/not%20like%20them.html to see the word game.